Confessions of the Incomparable Doctovr S. Augvstine


Category: Religion and Philosophy

By Saint Augustine

Published in 1620

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First English Edition. “Confessions” is an autobiographical work written by Augustine of Hippo between 397 and 400 AD. The English translation was carried out by Sir Tobie Matthew, son of the archbishop of York, with he was in exile in Brussels in 1619; the translation was published in France at the English press at St. Omer the following year.

Augustine’s “Confessions” consists of thirteen books: the first nine books cover his sinful and immoral youth and his eventual conversion to Christianity; the final four are significantly more philosophical and theological in nature. Augustine devotes much time to the Book of Genesis and through the analysis, discovers the Holy Trinity. This work is regarded as one of Augustine’s most significant texts (along with “City of God”) and was incredibly influential on Christian writers throughout the Middle Ages.