Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion


Category: Religion

By David Hume

Published in 1779

Reference #0181

Second Edition. This philosophical work by David Hume entitled, “Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion” was first published posthumously and anonymously in 1779. Hume began written “Dialogues” in 1750 and completed it shortly before his death in 1776.

The discourse is between three philosophers named Demea, Philo, and Cleanthes, who discuss and debate the nature of God’s existence. In “Dialogues,” each philosopher represents a different intellectual tradition: Demea, the Orthodox Christian; Cleanthes, the theist; and Philo, the skeptic.

Ultimately, all three agree that a god does exist. However, they differ in opinion on God’s attributes, including if God is intelligent and if God is morally good.

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