Marcus Aurelius Antoninus the Roman Emperor, his Meditations Concerning Himself


Category: Philosophy

By Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

Published in 1635

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Second Edition. “Marcus Aurelius Antoninus the Roman Emperor, his Meditations Concerning Himself: Treating of a Naturall Mans Happinesse; wherein it Consistesth, and of the Meanes to Attaine unto it” was translated out of Greek, with notes by Meric Casaubon, published in London in 1635, and printed by M. Flesher.

It was first published in 1634. “Meditations” is a series of personal writings by Stoic philosopher and Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus. Originally written in Koine Greek in twelve books, Marcus Aurelius used the writings for his own guidance and self-improvement. A key theme throughout the work is the importance of examining one’s judgement of self and others as well development of a cosmic outlook.

Marcus Aurelius had been praised for “Meditations” and it has been compared to Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s “Confessions” and Augustine of Hippo’s “Confessions.”