The Institutes of the Christian Religion


Category: Liberty & Dignity/Religion

By John Calvin

Published in 1578

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This book is Protestant theologian John Calvin’s seminal work entitled, “The Institution of Christian Religion” (“The Institutes of the Christian Religion”), translated by Thomas Norton from the Latin version originally published in 1536.

“The Institution of Christian Religion” was written as an introductory text book delving into the Protestant faith, covering a wide range of topics from the doctrines of the Church and sacraments to justification by faith alone and Christian liberty. This work was used to strengthen the controversial reform movement and sought to attack what Calvin believed to be unorthodox teachings, particularly those coming from the Catholic Church.

The emphasis on freedom in the relation of church and state inspired a new form of Christian life. “The Institution of Christian Religion” is a highly regarded secondary source for the doctrine embraced by Calvinism.