The Policy of Protecting Domestic Manufactures


Category: Economics and Politics

By Alexander Hamilton

Published in 1817

Reference #0156

Thomas Jefferson also authored, established by Hamilton in his report to Congress on the subject and by Jefferson in his letter to Benjamin Austin. (1757-1804) American statesman and chief author of the Federalist essays. He served as the first secretary of the treasury and recommended fiscal measures, such as the creation of a national bank, that reflected his belief in a strong, centralized government by the elite. He was killed in a duel with Aaron Burr, whose political ambitions he had thwarted.

First edition, first issue of this work uniting Hamilton and Jefferson on an issue on which they had been previously divided. In Jefferson’s famous 1816 letter to Benjamin Austin, he had expressed opinions contradicting his earlier agrarian ideals, writing in support of industrialization. The letter appeared in newspapers and magazines, but never in a separate printing until it was united in this pamphlet, in an abridged form, with Hamilton’s equally well-known report on domestic manufactures.

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