The Works of Plato


Category: Philosophy and Politics

By Plato

Published in 1804

Reference #0795-0799

The First Complete Edition in English, in five volumes. “The Works of Plato, Viz. His Fifty-Five Dialogues, and Twelve Epistles,” translated out of Greek by Thomas Taylor, contains Plato’s fifty-five dialogues and twelve epistles, nine dialogues by Floyer Sydenham, and various notations by the translator. To the translation of Plato’s works, Taylor added the surviving commentaries of notable Platonists such as Olympiodorus and Proclus as footnotes and endnotes.

Plato, along with Socrates and Aristotle, is a pivotal figure in the development of Western philosophy, mathematics, and science. Unlike his contemporaries, Plato’s entire corpus is believed to have survived into the present. His “Republic” and “Laws” were especially impactful on Western political theory, providing the first written examples of political problems approached through a philosophical viewpoint. Plato also originated the written forms of dialogue and dialectics that are a key principle in philosophy. Plato is one of the key figures in Western philosophy and the Western world; his influence in the two millennia since his time cannot be overstated.