Desiderius Erasmus

RTR-author-1024x1024_0022_1 - Erasmus etching

“Nowadays the rage for possession has got to such a pitch that there is nothing in the realm of nature, whether sacred or profane, out of which profit cannot be squeezed.”
– Erasmus

b. 1466 CE – d. 1536 CE

Desiderius Erasmus was a Dutch humanist scholar and theologian who is known for his satirical book, The Praise of Folly, and his contributions to Biblical scholarship. As a privileged insider, he used his wit to critique many authorities of his era in both the church and among the nobility. Erasmus famously debated Martin Luther on the question of free will and advocated for the use of reason, common sense and tolerance of opposting points of view over dogma and superstition. Despite his disagreements with Luther, his encouragement for church reform helped lay the groundwork for the Protestant Reformation. Nevertheless, Erasmus sought to promote unity within the church and cautioned against religious persecution, earning himself critics and enemies among both dogmatic Protestants and Catholics.

Works By Desiderius Erasmus