Defensor Pacis (The Defender of Peace)


Category: Religion

By Desiderius Erasmus

Published in 1549

Reference #0120

This hugely popular Renaissance text “The Praise of Folie,” also known as “Praise of Folly,” by Desiderius Erasmus and was published in 1549. It was translated by Sir Thomas Chaloner and contains a woodcut title page border and illustrations throughout the volume.

“Praise of Folly” was written as an essay in 1509 in Latin while staying at the home of Sir Thomas More and was first published in 1511. The work is a satire of superstitions, traditions of European society, and the Roman Catholic Church.

Erasmus’ “Praise of Folly” played a significant role in the early stages of the Protestant Reformation and was one of the most renowned works of the Renaissance.