Aristotle’s Rhetoric


Category: Philosophy

By Aristotle

Published in 1686

Reference #0588

First English Edition. “Aristotle’s Rhetoric, or the True Grounds and Principles of Oratory; Shewing the Right Art of Pleading and Speaking in Full Assemblies and Courts of Judicature” also known as “Rhetoric” was written in the fourth century BCE by Greek philosopher Aristotle.

“Rhetoric” is a Greek treatise on the art of persuasion in three books. The works looks at the purposes of rhetoric, definition, types, means of persuasion, and elements of style among other things. This volume was published in London in 1686 and contains four books. The first three books are entitled “Aristotle’s Rhetoric to Theodectes” while book four is entitled “Aristotle’s Rhetoric to King Alexander.” Book four is now widely believed to be the authored by Anaximenes of Lampsacus, who was a Greek rhetorician and historian. Aristotle’s “Rhetoric” is considered the most important work written on persuasion by most rhetoricians.