Politics and Economics by Aristotle


Category: Economics and Politics

By Aristotle

Published in 1543

Reference #0025

Entitled, “In hoc libro contenta. Politicorum libri octo. Commentarij. Oeconomicorum duo. Commentarij. Hecatonomiarum septem. Oeconomiarum publ. unus. Explanationis Leonardi in Oeconomica. duo,” this work was first published in 1506 by Estienne. The present volume is a later edition printed in 1543 in Paris by Simon de Colines. The title page was first issued in 1522 and depicts six woodcut portraits of the great philosophers, including Aristotle, Socrates and Plato.

This work contains Leonardo Bruni’s translation of Aristotle’s “Politics,” in which Aristotle discusses the political community concerning other communities such as household or village. Aristotle also examines the different kinds of political administrations and ultimately considers constitutional government, aristocracy, and kingship the best forms of government.

Also included in this work are two influential commentaries on Aristotle’s “Politics” and “Economics” by Jaques Lefévre of Etaples, and “Hecatonomia,” an original treatise on political ethics by Bruni which consists of 700 political propositions based on Plato’s “Republic” and “Laws”. Aristotle’s various writings include subjects such as physics, biology, logic, ethics, and many more. His extensive writings are considered the first comprehensive system of Western philosophy.