Category: Liberty & Human Dignity and Politics

By Thomas Paine

Published in 1792

Reference #1037

Printed in the same year as the first edition. “Letter Addressed to the Addressers, on the Proclamation,” also known as “”Letter Addressed to the Addressers, on the Late Proclamation,” was written by Thomas Paine in London during the summer of 1792 before he fled to France. It was first published by H. D. Symonds and Thomas Clio Rickman in 1792 in London; both of whom were prosecuted for having printed and sold Paine’s “The Rights of Man.” They sold three different variants of “Letter Addressed to the Addressers,” a 78-page volume, a cheaper 40-page pamphlet (seen here), and a later 50-page edition.

“The Late Proclamation” refers to the royal proclamation against seditious writings issued May 21, 1792 and was directed against the second part of “The Rights of Man.” “Letter Addressed to the Addressers,” sometimes referred to has the third part of “The Rights of Man,” is in response to the Proclamation. Paine continues his attack on the English government and urged the British people to demand a convention to install a Republican government.