Category: Liberty & Human Dignity and Politics

By Thomas Paine

Published in 1792

Reference #1028

Published in 1792 in London this work was is a collection of letters written the great revolutionary and author, Thomas Paine. The topics of the letters are government. A few letters included in the work are two letters to Mr. Dundas and two letters to Lord Onslow concerning on the late proclamation.

The late proclamation refers to the royal proclamation against seditious writings, issued May 21, 1792 and directed particularly against the second part of Paine’s Rights of Man. Paine’s book suggests revolution is permitted when the government does not safeguard its people and their natural rights. Mr. Dundas and Lord Onslow were both for the proclamation and Lord Onslow called Paine “a common enemy” between the two. The letters written to both gentlemen by Paine argues against the proclamation and further defends his book and charges of sedition against it.