Ciceronis Orationum


Category: Philosophy and Politics

By Cicero

Published from 1551-55

Reference #0608-0616

Ten Parts in Nine Volumes. “M. Tullii Ciceronis Orationum” contains the works of Roman statesman, lawyer, and philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero printed in Lugduni [Lyon] between 1551 and 1555 by Sebstianus Gryphius. Included in these volumes are “Orationes,” “Rhetoricorum libri,” “Epistolae,” “Philosophicorum due tomi,” “De officiis,” “Epistolarium familiarium libri XVI” and several of his speeches.

Cicero wrote and gave speeches on topics such as philosophy, politics, and rhetoric. Eighty-eight of his speeches were recorded and fifty-two survive today. Six books on rhetoric have survived as well as eight parts on philosophy. Thirty-seven books of letters to and from various public and private figures have survived; however, thirty-five more books known in antiquity have been lost.

Cicero’s writings are among the most famous of all classic antiquity and were enormously influential to Augustine of Hippo, Thomas Aquinas, Desiderius Erasmus, and Voltaire.