The Five Books of Tusculan Disputations


Category: Philosophy

By Cicero

Published from 1715

Reference #0731

Published by Jonas Brown and John Watts in 1715, this anonymous translation from Christ College, Oxford, of Cicero’s “Tusulan Disputations” explores his philosophy and rhetoric through five dialogues, structured as conversation. Cicero guides the reader through stoic and Epicurean philosophy while emphasizing the importance of natural, inner peace.

“Tusulan Disputations” are titled after Cicero’s villa in Tusculum where he wrote the texts after the death of his daughter Tullia. The work draws in part from Crantor’s “On Grief” (originally written in 276 B.C.). Contents include a translators note, commentary, Book I: Of the Contempt of Death, Book II: Of Enduring Bodily Pain, Book III: Of Moderating Grief of Mind, Book IV: Of other disorderly Motions of the Mind, and Book V: Whether Virtue alone be sufficient to a Happy Life.