Category: Liberty & Human Dignity and Philosophy

By Cicero

Published in 1552

Reference #0056

Titled “The Works of Marcus Tullius Cicero”, this 1552 edition features explanations of rhetorical and oratory schools, as well as commentary from Paulus Manutius and Pedro de Victoria. Like many Renaissance works, this publication compiles a number of Cicero’s oratorical musings. The title page bears the mark of Gryphius Sebastianus (1493-1556) a French printer working from Lyon.

“Compact and competent” is the phrase that characterizes this volume of works by the writer who for centuries was the bane of many fledgling Latinists. Displaying the skills of Paulus Manutius and Pedro de Victoria, it is not encumbered by scholarly apparatus; it is pure Cicero. Only other known copy is at Yale.